Table 1

Outcome matrix

Trial ID

Review primary outcomes

Trial outcomes

Pulmonary function

Hospital admission

Blood pressure

Severity score

Respiratory score


Respiratory frequency or rate

Hospital stay/length of hospital stay

Heart rate

Side effects

Other outcomes

Dadhich, 2003 [17]

Bronchodilating effects

Santana, 2001 [18] (children)

arterial blood gasses, oxygen therapy, ph, nebulisations, acidosis

Bijani, 2002 [22] (adults)

Number of breathing, diaphoresis, cyanosis, Using respiratory access muscles, clinical asthma score

Bessmertny, 2002 [21] (adults)

oxygen saturation

Gurkan, 1999 [24] (children)

Nebulisations, clinical asthma score

Devi, 1997 [23] (children)

Clinical asthma score, oxygen saturation, pulsus paradoxus

Tiffany, 1993 [26] (adults)

Meral, 1996 [25] (children)

Boonyavorakul, 2000 [19] (adults)

Scarfone, 2000 [20] (children)

Pulmonary index score, oxygen saturation

indicates full reporting of results for treatment comparison of interest

indicates no reporting

indicates partial reporting (i.e. only the p-value is given for the comparison)

Dwan et al. Trials 2010 11:52   doi:10.1186/1745-6215-11-52

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