Table 1

Description of intervention in single exploratory case study
Abbreviated name for trial Aim of trial Setting and wider context Nature of intervention Nature of control intervention(s)
Phase 1: Single exploratory case
Aim: To identify potential variables of complexity for and to establish theoretical propositions that could be tested in phase 2
NLED To evaluate the impact of a specialist nurse-led model of early discharge following breast cancer surgery on patients, carers and the health service, whilst developing collaborative care pathways that enable a smooth transition between acute and primary care NHS teaching hospital/cancer centre on two sites (one large university hospital, one smaller district general hospital), with a large geographical catchment area encompassing urban, rural, affluent and deprived communities in North East/ Central Scotland Nurse-led early discharge - going home with wound drains still in situ, one or two days after surgery, with a package of care in place. This group was allocated to one of two nurses from the breast care team who received training from clinical nurse specialists Usual care - staying in hospital post-operatively until all wound drains were removed (approximately five or six days)

NHS, National Health Service.

Wells et al.

Wells et al. Trials 2012 13:95   doi:10.1186/1745-6215-13-95

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